Goooch 位置偽装


  • ワンクリックでどこへでもiPhoneの位置情報を変更できる
  • 地図上で2つ以上のスポットを選択してルートを計画する
  • カスタマイズされたルートに基づいてGPSの動きを簡単にシミュレーション
  • お気に入りの位置情報や過去の移動記録を保存してルートをすばやく組み立てる
  • ポケモンGO、ドラクエウォーク、Ingress、フィットネスアプリ、Facebookなど全ての位置情報アプリに対応
  • 最新のiOS 14とiPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro /12 Pro Max / XRをサポート

無料ダウンロード Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7


Goooch が選ばれる理由

Gooochは、家を離れることなく世界中を旅するという理想を実現します! 移動速度の柔軟な調整により、シミュレーションがもっと現実的になります。

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カスタマイズされたルート を作成し、常に楽しみましょう

2種類のルート計画方法がサポートされています。 1つは2点ルートです。2点間のルートを計画できます。 もう1つは マルチポイントルートです。つまり、マップ上の複数の位置情報を選択できます。

  • 徒歩、サイクリング、ドライブの速度のシミュレートが可能
  • ルートの往復設定も可能
  • 好きなタイミングで移動
  • 地図と詳細な位置情報の表示が可能



  • 田舎に住んでいてもたくさんのポケモンを捕まえる
  • 出会い系アプリでもっと友達とマッチする
  • 行ったことのない場所への「旅行」を演出する
  • WhatsAppで仮想位置を共有して、友達や家族をだます
One Click to Change GPS Location on Every Location based App

More Advanced Features Are Available

As one of the best iOS location changer, iAnyGo not only allows you to change location and simulate GPS movement, but also provide more useful functions for you. Simple enough!

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Adjustable Moving Speed

By dragging the speed bar, you can set the speed of GPS movement from 1m/s to 3.6km/h.

Stop Someone from Tracking

Adjustable Moving Speed

By dragging the speed bar, you can set the speed of GPS movement from 1m/s to 3.6km/h.

Change Location on Dating Apps

Collect Location

iAnyGo allows you to collect commonly used places, making it convenient to use.

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Adjustable Moving Speed

By dragging the speed bar, you can set the speed of GPS movement from 1m/s to 3.6km/h.

Share Virtual Location

Historical Records

Automatically save the address you have ever searched, even record the specific time.

Other Location Based Apps

Hide Location on iPhone

With iAnyGo, you can hide real location to stop someone from tracking your iPhone without them knowing.

Change GPS Location on iPhone within 3 Steps

Step1 :  Connect. Launch the program and connect the iPhone to computer.

Step2 :  Select Mode. Select 'Change Location' Mode to enter the map.

Step3 :  Modify Location. Select a location on the map and confirm to modify.

All Lost Data Comes Back step 1
All Lost Data Comes Back step 2
All Lost Data Comes Back step 3

User Comments

I used to walk 2-3 kms to hatch Pokemon eggs. But when I get the amazing Goooch software,I can just sit on my counch without going outside to catch eggs. GPS Virtual does me a great favor.


The Goooch app can fake my location to anywhere on the globe. Sharing fantastic sceneries in Instagram is amazing!


Definitely a good software. Goooch lets me fake my location so every other app in my iPhone XS believes I am in another continent, but actually I was just walking through the closet.


It has high-definition GPS map data, just click the place on the map, your iPhone location will be changed at once

- Karsten
  • ? Can I use it to change my location of any app on my iPhone?

    Location on any location-based App can be changed on your iPhone, such as Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps, Snapchat, Tinder, etc.

  • ? Will it change other settings on my iPhone if I change the location?

    Generally, the settings on your iPhone will keep unchanged, excepting the settings related to location will be changed correspondingly, including time, weather, longitude and latitude, etc. However, you can simply restart your iPhone to recover the real location and data.

  • ? What devices are supported?

    Almost all models of iPhone, iPad are supported, including the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. And iOS versions running on 7.0 or above are all supported.

  • ? Is Goooch GPS Virtual safe?

    Goooch  Technologies是全球最受歡迎的軟件公司之一,承諾該軟件100%安全可靠。

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